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Who is Blakeville Property Inspection?

BlakeVille Property Inspection is a RERA-licensed and recognized firm that offers a full range of property inspection and snagging services to accurately and professionally assess the state of a property. Aiding investors in making the right decisions towards property investments. We inspect from residential to commercial properties.


Before you sign on the handover, our highly qualified team of Technical Inspectors will conduct an engineering-based inspection and provide you with a detailed report that summarizes all defects and issues found within the property. The inspection procedure is exhaustive and includes a physical check of the property, research to analyze compliance documentation, and the creation of a report that details the status of all structural components as well as any flaws or maintenance matters.

Why Inspect?

A property inspection provides a full overview of the property in order to improve maintenance, meet RERA regulations, enable real estate transfers, and understand future flaws and deficiencies.
It could cost you thousands of dirhams to fix the problems we find. By identifying them early on and allocating them to the developer, we save you money in the long run.

Handover Inspection

After investing your hard-earned money in the purchase of a property one wants to rest easy knowing that the property they have invested in is of the highest integrity. Blakeville Property Inspection helps you to achieve this by making a thorough scrutiny of the property from the basement to the roof, Providing you with a detailed report that captures all the defects and offering professional recommendations. We assess the structural integrity, plumbing, electrical, architectural as well as making sure that the standards and parameters set by the local regulatory boards are adhered to.

Move in/Move Out Property Inspection

A thorough study of your property, whether it is a villa or an apartment, protects your interests and avoids maintenance concerns that may arise after you have purchased the property or moved in. Blakeville Property Inspection performs a quick inspection of the property, identifying faults and commenting on flaws that should be addressed before or after a person moves in or out. This report can be used for pricing or just for peace of mind.

Warranty Period Inspection

Property inspections prior to the expiration of the new home 1 year warranty/defect liability period will provide an authoritative list of items that need attention by the developer.

Secondary Market inspection

Like the handover inspection, this report provides a perfect platform for both purchaser and vendor to work from to resolve any outstanding issues prior to final signing. Blakeville Property Inspection is equipped with a team of certified experts to assess and determine the value for your property through sophisticated inspection reports.

The Blakeville Property Inspection Way

At Blakeville Property Inspection our well accredited engineers have a cumulative experience of 10 years in the construction and real estate industry.

Due to the use of the latest software on the market our report submission rate is unmatched in the industry.

Having started as a real estate company we have an in-depth knowledge of all the major developments in the UAE.

Coupled with advanced technology, and effective management solutions, allowing us to provide complete transparency and peace of mind to our clients.

By adhering to the highest standards available, we ensure that all our clients receive outstanding customer service and integrity.

You can arrange your inspection using our online scheduler 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.